Jackals of Nairobi National Park

Of the 3 species of jackals, versatile wild canids, in Kenya, the Black or Silver Backed jackal is the most easily seen in Nairobi National Park. A few years ago, there were very few of these cute canids in the Park, but their numbers seem to be increasing.

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Dikdiks of Silole.

Dikdiks are fairly uncommon antelopes in NNP, but can be found in the Athi Basin towards the old Cheetah Gate, in their favoured habitat of dry scrub, where they can find concealment and low-lying browse.

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Will KWS really Allow SGR to Destroy NNP?

On the main road in, there were Nightingales singing in the scrub, and others were at five other locations in the north, and on the way to Ivory Burning Site was the first of only two Spotted Flycatchers.

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