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Right next to the vibrant city of Nairobi you would not expect to find a 120km chunk of virgin Africa complete with free-ranging pachyderms & predators, but this is the splendid reality of Nairobi National Park. Kenya's oldest national park & one of it's most scenic savannah game preserves, the NNP is the last pristine corner of the Athi Plains, the northernmost part of the Athi-Kapiti ecosystem.

No less than sixteen species of antelope & gazelle can be found wandering in the mosaic of upland dry forest, short grass plain & riverine gallery thicket that are the main habitats of the park. Thirty of Kenya's estimated population of five hundred & forty black rhinos find sanctuary here as do significant populations of kongoni, buffalo, eland & giraffe.


Although cheetah are becoming increasingly uncommon, forty lions are able to survive in the park, as do leopards & spotted hyena amongst many other species of small carnivore.

Ostriches in the park comprise the densest wild population of these birds in Africa, as it contains ideal habitat for these extraordinary creatures. The park and dispersal area also provides range for a migratory population of about 4,000 plains zebra.

Outdoor Adventure

Being so close to the city, Nairobi National Park is just the place to visit to see the natural wonders of Africa at close quarters. The animals here are much habituated to cars & one may drive very close to them for close observation or photography. The park contains more species of birds than the those to be found in the British Isles.

As the Silole Sanctuary abuts the park, which is unfenced on the southern side, this makes it a perfect place from which to explore this little gem of a park, whilst being able to do so on foot if you so wish

Park Details

Entry to Nairobi National Park is fairly simple & it is best to make arrangements PRIOR to your visit.

All resident visitors to the Park MUST have a KWS Smartcard. These can either be processed for you at the Smartcard office at KWS HQ

  • Residence Price: kshs 1,000 for Adults
  • Residence Price: kshs 500 for children
  • Non-Residence Price: $ 40
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Nairobi national park

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