Silole Sanctuary

Just an hours's drive from the city, the Silole Sanctuary is private land adjoining the Nairobi National Park, a rich landscape of rolling plains situated between the deep gorges of the Embakasi & Kiserian rivers. The Sanctuary is an ideal location to get away from the city without travelling distances & sacrificing time & expense. Four hundred acres of private land, this periurban oasis is home to 60 species of mammal, species of birds & a rich diversity of flora reflecting the various habitats (riverine forest, grassland plain & valley thicket) found within it.

Things to do in the Sanctuary include walking (with or without guides), swimming at the Masai Lodge pool, rock climbing in the rocky river gorges, bird-watching and of course, game-driving in the Nairobi National Park, which is accessible through the Masai Gate, which opens on to the Sanctuary.

How to find us

How to get here: The best way to get to the Sanctuary is through the Masai Gate (south end of the Park; follow the signs). Otherwise drive down the Magadi Road from Bomas of Kenya on the Langata road & turn first left off the tarmac (signboarded to Nazarene University & Masai Lodge). Then just keep going to the end of the murram road (6 km) until you reach Masai Lodge.

The turn off to Silole Villa & Silole Cottage is on the right immediately before the Masai Lodge Gate.

In the dry season, the roads are fine, but during the Rains you might like to use a 4 WD vehicle to get to the Sanctuary and/or the Park.

Silole Cottage

A beautiful cottage sleeping 4 pax plus kids (2 double bedrooms & attic rooms) with a fully equipped kitchen. It runs on solar power & has a beautiful verandah facing East to catch the rising sun & moon.

With good security, the Cottage allows you to enjoy looking over & experiencing the wider Nairobi National Park, which spreads in all directions. All in all a perfect getaway, peaceful & quiet. Birdlife is extraordinary.

Silole Wildlife

All of the many forms of Life to be found in the surrounding National Park can also be found in the Silole Sanctuary & around the Cottage & the verandah is a great place to chill & watch the impalas, dikdiks & local hares.

Giraffes, buffaloes & larger creatures may also be seen , whilst the carnivores visit by night.

Silole Safaris

Silole offers Guided Tours into the National Park through Masai Gate, which is located in the Empakasi Valley just below the Cottage. We leave at dawn with a picnic breakfast packed long before other visitors.

We also offer authentic Camping Safaris to other nearby destinations, such as Shompole in the Rift Valley or to the Aberdare Mountains a few hours drive to the North.

A little History

The Silole Sanctuary is a community project set up by like minded folks living on the southern boundary of the Nairobi National Park, the last pristine corner of the Athi-Kapiti Ecosystem., it was agreed by the land-owners of the area that in the Sanctuary, NATURE SHOULD COME FIRST!

In order that this could happen, it was agreed that eco-tourism should be encouraged in the area so that it could remain undeveloped now & in the future, against the tide of piecemeal subdivision & development which is such a feature of present day Nairobi.


To this end, the main landowner in the area Mzee John Keen of Masai Lodge, (see

The Sanctuary lies between the gorges of the Kiserian & Empakasi rivers. These beautiful gorges; unique ecosystems in their own right, deserve this special conservation effort. Plans are afoot to make the Silole Sanctuary into a formal wildlife Conservancy, saving this unique & beautiful area for future generations.

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